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5 stars 5
I had SMILE with Dr Goel, and the whole process was really great. Awesome doctor and staff, and I now have superhuman vision! No complications, better than expected results.

5 stars 5
Had the PanOptix lens surgery to eliminate the needs for reading classes. It changed my life, seriously. It is the best money I ever spent in my life. Adding to that is the unbelievable care experience given by Dr. Goel, and his outstanding staff. Awesome facilities in both Towson & Columbia.

5 stars 5
Very satisfied with the customer service and excellent very modern equipment, Dr Soony gives good confidence

5 stars 5
Dr Goel's office is great. He has a state-of-art equipment and professional staff. I elected to have a same-day procedure done and it took me only 1.5 hour from the time I arrived to the time I left. I feel great as I am walking around without glasses or contacts!

5 stars 5
I got the SMILE done in about 15 minutes. I was honestly very nervous as there are known risks, but Dr. Goels technician was able to calm my nerves after I completed each eye exam to determine if I was a candidate for SMILE.Dr. Goel was patient and supportive during the process. I was only able to stay still & tried to be relax for the procedure because he talked through it and played music of my choice. I was also surprised and thankful that Dr. Goel reached out later in the night to make sure I was recovering alright and had no questions.I think I am recovering well so far. My vision is as though I have contacts on. I was able to drive, work out, and go shopping today post-op 1 day with no issues besides noting that lights do make my eyes a bit sensitive right now. Hoping to recover even better as I make sure to stick to the routine provided by Goel Vision.

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