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5 stars 5
Had LASIK done almost 10 years ago by Dr. Goel and he is still in my thoughts. Soo grateful for quality of life, living without contacts or glasses. Strongly recommend Dr. Goel.

5 stars 5
Dr. Sonny Goel and his staff are top-notch! Had the SMILE procedure which was easy and absolutely life-changing. Seeing better than 20/20 with NO glasses!! Everyone at the office is friendly, organized, and obviously likes their job. They all took great care of me! Much appreciated!!

5 stars 5
Dr. Goel and his team are extremely nice, professional, and accommodating. Everybody made me feel at ease and never pressured me. The whole team, but especially Dr. Goel, took the time to explain everything, answer all my questions, and was constantly stopping to ask if I had any more questions. I ended up deciding on SMILE because less of my cornea would be cut, less nerves would be affected, decreased dry eye problems, and an overall better recovery experience (compared to LASIK). The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable for a few minutes but, again Dr. Goel, was very reassuring and made sure I was comfortable the entire time.

5 stars 5
After years of helping Dr. Goel/Goel Visions happy patients with prescription medication for their procedure, I decided to have the procedure myself. Now i can see clearly why were all so satisfied! As a business owner of Towson & Charlesmead Pharmacies we value a patient and their experience. Goel Vision goes above and beyond from their welcoming office to their friendly staff to Dr. Goels gentle care, confidence and experience.

5 stars 5
I got the new SMILE eye treatment here, which is the newer better version of LASIK. Very fast treatment with excellent care. I went from glasses to perfect vision and the post-care requirements are so much simpler then LAISIC. I was up and around the next day driving. Would highly recommend.

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