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5 stars 5
Fantastic experience with the Smile procedure. Very quick and easy and I can finally see! Dr Goel and his staff were incredibly nice and easy to work with. My only regret is waiting so long to get the procedure done. Highly recommended!

5 stars 5
Dr. Goel is honestly the best, I cannot recommend him enough. He's the friendliest, nicest doctor I've had the pleasure of working with in any discipline. And most importantly, he was extremely knowledgeable and simply the best at his job. My eyesight is still perfect one year later. Five stars over and over.

5 stars 5
I had the most pleasant experience EVER at an Opthalmologist on my 1st visit to Goel Vision. Dr. Goel and his staff were VERY professional and EXTREMELY cordial. I arrived in time for my appointment and was seen right away. Total time in the office was about 1 hour compared to b/w 3 and 4 hours at my former Opthalmologist. The office is VERY efficiently run with very new and state-of-the-art technology enabling what seems like a VERY capable team.I VERY HIGHLY recommend the practice!!!

5 stars 5
I recently had LASIK done by Dr. Goel and I couldnt be happier with the process. Dr. Goel did a great job of preparing me for what to expect and coaching me through the procedure. All of the office staff were helpful and accommodating. This has been one of the best medical service experiences I have ever had.I used to need heavy correction for astigmatism and now I dont need glasses at all. It has been great!

5 stars 5
I was recommended to Goel Vision by my optometrist and at first was a little weary because I tend to base where I do business off of the amount of online reviews. This time I went against this notion because I thought who am I to disregard the recommendation of a professional. Im glad I listened to the eye doctor as my experience with Dr. Goel has been nothing short of spectacular! After a detailed discussion on the various refractive surgery options , I decided to go with SMILE. The procedure was quick and painless. I even got to listen to my favorite song as the procedure was done which definitely made the environment a lot less tense. After a couple of days I emerged with 20/20 vision! The first thing I did was go out and buy an alarm clock! I can see what time it is in the middle of the night now. This procedure has brought more than 20/20 vision. Its brought peace of mind and a new life! Thank you Dr. Goel! You are just what the doctor ordered!

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