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5 stars 5
I have already recommended Goel Vision to all of my friends and family and I only got the procedure done two days ago! Dr. Goel's team is incredible and everyone was so warm and caring. Crystal is unbelievably kind and she spent half an hour on the phone with me answering my follow-up questions before the procedure. Salma kept me calm and reassured me before and during the procedure alongside Dr. Goel. Dr. Goel himself is just wonderful and I can tell this is his passion and he's doing exactly what he's meant to be doing. He is so kind and I felt safe in his care from the moment I met him. I am so grateful to everyone at Goel Vision, and I wish I had caught everyone's names because every person there reassured me and helped me overcome my fears. For something I was so afraid of it ended up being one of the most positive and rewarding experiences I've been through, so thank you again to everyone at Goel Vision because you all had a hand in it.For anyone reading this to see how the actual SMILE procedure went, it was over in less than 10 minutes and really wasn't anything to be afraid of. All I felt was some mild pressure on my eyes and it was over before I knew it.

5 stars 5
Its true what everyone says about Dr. Goel and his phenomenal team! From the beginning of my consultation to the end of my SMILE procedure, I felt totally informed and supported. The compassion and kindness shown by Dr. Goel is absolutely shown in his craft! It has been so exciting to wake up with clear, crisp vision and be able to toss my glasses and contacts for good. If youre on the fence about going through with laser eye surgery, one conversation with Dr. Goel and youll feel more confident in making the decision! Thank you again, Dr Goel!

5 stars 5
My entire experience with Dr Goel and his staff was phenomenal!! I was referred to him by my optometrist who had his own laser vision correction done with Dr Goel so I knew I was in good hands. From the moment I walked in to the office, Karen was like a ball of sunshine! Salma and the remaining technicians were also very friendly and professional. Dr Goel did an excellent job of educating me on the different options available with a visual presentation that would help anyone with a non medical background understand how each procedure is performed. He then made his recommendation of the right procedure that was best for me. He very patiently answered all of the questions I had even after the day of my consultation over the phone. The entire staff made sure I was completely comfortable before, during and after my procedure. They even went as far as to ask what music I preferred to have playing during the surgery! The SMILE procedure took less than 10 minutes. After coming home and resting for the day, I got a call from Dr Goel that night to check up on me, which was a very pleasant surprise! The next day I was able to do all of my normal activities. Id been wearing glasses and contacts for about 30 years so needless to say Im beyond happy with the results!! I would strongly recommend Dr. Goel to anyone that is considering laser vision correction.

5 stars 5
Fantastic experience at Dr Goels office. His staff make you feel welcome and comfortable and walk you though the entire process. Doctor Goel listened and answered all the questions I had in detail. He followed up personally and really cared. Highly recommended.

5 stars 5
Dr. Goel and the SMILE procedure gave me a new found freedom to see like never before. A 10 out of 10 experience from start to finish! Thank you for my new viewpoint.

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