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5 stars 5
Amazing results. I have worn glasses for about 28 years, since I was a little kid. I never wanted anyone to cut on me for anything so I avoid doctors when possible. Having to wear a face mask everywhere and it fogging up my glasses so bad I couldn't see changed my mind.I had made up my mind that I wanted SMILE surgery after my research and then I found Dr. Goel. After a thorough examination they determined that a different form of Lasik, WafeForm Lasik would give me better results. They said I could go with SMILE but I'd probably be happier with that Lasik because of the problems I have with glare and halos on lights.They did an amazing job. It was quick, painless, and my vision was 20/20 the next day instead of 20/200. I don't have the problems with the bright lights nearly as much anymore so that's great also.Dr. Goel is a miracle worker for me and I couldn't be happier.

5 stars 5
Dr. Goel and his staff were awesome! My process of laser surgery went very well. Everyone was nice and down to earth. I definitely recommend!

5 stars 5
I recently underwent the SMILE surgery and WOW! The results are like night and day, I can finally see again without my glasses. A few of my friends recommended Dr. Sonny so I knew immediately who I would go to once I was ready to follow through with the surgery. The staff and Dr. Sonny were amazing. They made me feel very comfortable with my decision and answered all of my questions. The procedure was sooo fast, I think it maybe took a total of 10-15 minutes once I was in the room. Definitely recommend coming here if youre getting the procedure done (I drove from McLean, VA because he is THAT GOOD)!!

5 stars 5
I had lasik surgery a few years ago that was performed by Dr. Goel. This year, when I needed a little tweak, I went straight back to him (even though he isn't with the same practice). I wouldn't trust my eyesight with anyone else. The entire staff is so kind and nice; I see that they emulate his behavior! You won't find anyone like him. If you're on the fence, jump off and make an appointment. You won't be disappointed!!!

5 stars 5
Dr. Goel was wonderful! He kept me calm and explained everything as he was doing it! His staff was also wonderful. Best thing I ever did!

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