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Imagine waking up with clear vision, unaided by glasses or contacts. While this may seem too good to be true, LASIK makes this dream a reality for many people every day. At Goel Vision, we provide LASIK Annapolis, Frederick, and surrounding areas. We’re proud to have spent the past 25 years helping the Annapolis area see clearly and aiming to be the best LASIK surgeons in Maryland.

When you’re considering having refractive surgery, it’s important to ensure that you work with LASIK surgeons you can trust. At Goel Vision, Dr. Sonny Goel has been providing LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures to the Annapolis, Columbia, and Frederick, Maryland area for over 25 years. With more than 95,000 procedures under his belt, Dr. Goel prides himself on providing personalized care to all of his patients. Goel Vision has three convenient locations to make getting eye surgery convenient for you.

If you’re considering having a LASIK procedure, it makes sense that you have questions. We invite you to schedule a consultation so we can go over all of your concerns regarding your potential LASIK surgery. We’ll explain what the surgery entails, what recovery looks like for most people, and the kind of results you can expect after your laser eye surgery.

What Is LASIK?

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are the most common complaints of people who are interested in LASIK procedures. LASIK is also commonly used to treat astigmatism. These conditions are caused by a misshapen cornea. LASIK uses safe, precise lasers to gain access to the cornea. The lasers then reshape the cornea. Upon healing, the vast majority of people find that their vision is greatly improved. Some people still need to wear glasses or contacts from time to time, while others do not.

There are several different types of LASIK surgery, and our surgeon will talk with you to help you understand which laser eye medical procedure makes the most sense for your eyes. When you come in for your consultation, please be sure to bring any questions that you have about LASIK. It’s important to us that you’re comfortable and informed through every step of your laser eye surgery procedure. If you are tired of wearing glasses or contacts, LASIK may be the right option for you. Our patients are our priority, and we strive to give the best LASIK services every time.

Do I Qualify for LASIK?

As with any surgical procedure, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have any conditions that would make LASIK a bad fit for your health. People who qualify for LASIK surgery are:

During your consultation, we’ll talk with you about any risk factors specific to your personal health history. While LASIK is a great fit for most people who wear glasses or contacts, your safety and comfort is our top priority. We work to make sure that your LASIK procedure is a perfect fit for your eyes. If you’re not sure that your health conditions make you a good fit for the procedure, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with us. We’d rather you ask and be safe than be worried about a negative outcome of your surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery: What To Expect

Before your LASIK procedure, you’ll come in for a consultation with your eye surgeon. We’ll talk about your personalized laser eye procedure in detail. While we perform LASIK procedures regularly, it’s important for us to take the time to get to know each patient. We’ll go over any concerns that you have, and talk to you about your pre-operative instructions. We’ll ask that you come to the office on the day of your procedure with a clean face, free of makeup. You’ll need to bring someone along who will drive you home after your procedure. We’ll also ask that you stop wearing contact lenses for a few days prior to your procedure. Contact lenses can shape the eye over time, and it’s important that your eye is in a completely natural state in order for us to properly reshape your cornea.

If you’re feeling nervous about your procedure, please do not hesitate to let us know. There are many medication options to calm your nerves. There is no need for general anesthesia during LASIK. Most people use a combination of nerve-calming medicine and eye numbing drops during the medical procedure. After your eye is numbed, we’ll use a laser to take measurements of your eye, allowing us to know the exact dimensions of your cornea. This allows us to be exact when using the laser to reshape your eye. We’ll make a small incision in your eye using a laser (no blade will be used). Then, we’ll quickly and safely reshape the surface of your cornea. Each eye is done in less than 15 minutes.

After your procedure, you may feel some discomfort, such as burning or the feeling that something is in your eye. It’s important that you rest and do not touch your eyes after your procedure, as this may impede the natural healing process. Within 24 hours after your laser surgery, we’ll ask that you return to the office for a follow-up appointment. Here, we’ll answer any questions you have about the healing process and ensure that your eyes are on their way to recovery. At Goel Vision, our patients are our priority, and we center our services to best meet each Annapolis patient’s specific needs and free them from doubts and worries.

The Goel Vision Difference

At Goel Vision, we understand that having eye surgery is not a decision you take lightly. Dr. Goel is experienced, professional, and up to date on the latest developments in the field of laser eye surgery. When you choose Goel Vision, you’re choosing a laser eye surgeon who you can trust. We encourage our patients to ask questions and be fully informed about all medical procedures.

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