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Are the effects of LASIK permanent?

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Dry eye after LASIK

Before undergoing LASIK, Dr. Goel will perform a consultation to rule out your risk of developing dry eye from LASIK. Learn more about this condition.

Proper Eye Care After LASIK Can Reduce the Risk of Infection

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Cataract Awareness Month in June

June is cataract awareness month. Dr. Sonny Goel in Baltimore MD explains the tell-tale signs of cataracts, how to treat them, and what you can do now to prevent cataracts.


Do you suffer from blurred vision when trying to focus on things far away? You could have myopia. Learn about myopia, nearsightedness, & your available treatments.

Understanding Treatment Options for Presbyopia

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Dr. Sonny Goel Named “Top Doctor” of 2016 in Baltimore Magazine

Ophthalmologist, Dr. Sonny Goel was named 2016 “Top Doctor” by Baltimore Magazine. As a pioneer in LASIK, he’s performed over 80,000 LASIK laser eye surgeries. Learn more here.

The Benefits of Intraocular Lenses (IOLS)

Intraocular lenses are a premium way to treat cataracts and myopia. Learn about the benefits of treating eye disorders with intraocular lenses here.

Reducing the Risk of Infection

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Post-operative LASIK Pain

LASIK is a safe & effective treatment, but it can have some postoperative side effects. Learn why you might experience discomfort, & how to treat it.