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Will I Lose Vision if My Lazy Eye is Left Untreated?

If have further questions about lazy eye, we can provide the answers you need and put your mind at rest. Contact Dr. Sonny Goel today at 410-888-2020.

How to Reduce Myopia of the Eyes

If you have further questions about myopia, or if you would like to discuss treatment options, our optical team is here to help. Contact us at 410-888-2020.

Keratoconus Treatment

If you are experiencing symptoms, or if you have any questions about keratoconus, contact our office at 410-888-2020.


Learn more about pterygium by contacting the office of Dr. Sonny Goel, or schedule an appointment today at 410-888-2020.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Call Sonny Goel, MD today to schedule an appointment and treat all of your personal ocular needs at 410-888-2020.

Does LASIK surgery correct cataracts?

If you have cataracts or a refractive eye problems, make an appointment with our team today to find out more about refractive lens exchange at 410-888-2020.

Tips for recovering from cataract surgery

Make the most efficient recovery from your cataract surgery. Call our office today to learn more at 410-888-2020.

Difference between iLASIK and traditional LASIK

Thinking about laser eye surgery, you might be wondering what is the difference between iLASIK and traditional LASIK surgery. Sonny Goel, MD answers this and more.

Top Doctor Award for Second Year in a Row

Sonny Goel, MD is proud to announce that Dr. Sonny Goel has been named “Top Doctor” for the second consecutive year by Baltimore Magazine.

When Should I Have Cataract Surgery?

If you would like to find out more about cataract surgery or would like to schedule a consultation, contact our experienced, friendly team at 410-377-2044.