How Much Does LASIK Surgery Cost?

Are you tired of having dry eyes due to old and costly contact lenses? Or maybe you’re constantly misplacing your glasses. This can cause you to lose valuable time during your morning routine!  Lets face it, glasses and contacts are a nuisance. But what if there was a solution to all of these problems? LASIK Surgery is a growing industry, and finding the right doctor is crucial. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK costs and how we can help you!

LASIK Surgery: What Is It?

LASIK is one of the best-known eye procedures for patients that struggle with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Before LASIK, eye specialists would bend light rays in glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. 

Now doctors can reshape your cornea by using state-of-the-art lasers. This works by making a small flap with a laser beam, and then changing the curvature of your cornea to correct your vision.

While your daily activities may be limited post-surgery, the procedure is not as invasive as it sounds. It takes just  10 minutes, and you’re able to get back to most of your daily routine the very next day.  

Cost of LASIK Surgery

So how much does LASIK surgery cost?

In 2020, LASIK surgery costs in the United States were about $2,246 per eye. It’s important to note that the cost of LASIK Surgery has gone up slightly. In 2018, a similar study was conducted, and the cost of LASIK surgery was about $2,199 per eye. Investing in new technology costs money and these costs are passed on to patients in the form of higher costs.

However, these prices vary depending on different factors like the tools used in your procedure, refractive error, geographical location, and your surgeon’s experience. Keep reading to learn more about different tools and technologies that may play a factor in cost.  

Does Technology Matter in LASIK?

LASIK can be a fast and mostly painless procedure…when done with the right technology. That’s why the technology that is used during the eye surgery coupled with the surgeon’s experience are so important.

The short answer is, technology does matter. LASIK surgery is a fast procedure, and while you will be able to see better the very next day, the entire healing process takes a few months. Patients who seek surgeons with better technology and more experience report having better healing times and overall success. 

When done correctly, LASIK could give you 20/20 vision or better! 

Cheap LASIK Options

Cheap LASIK options do exist. Some surgeons price their services as low as $299 per eye. That sounds like a good deal, right? 

Be Sure to Read the Fine Print.

The answer could be no. Be aware of surgeons who promote themselves as the “cheaper alternative.” Many times what they aren’t telling you is that they are using outdated technology, have less experience, or are using it as a “bait and switch” marketing ploy to lure you in before charging you more money. This low price is usually only offered to “patients who qualify” that have a prescription of less than -1.00.

Similarly, lower LASIK costs are only  offered to patients with very mild nearsightedness. Once other factors are added in, like the severity of your nearsightedness or other eye problems, the cost  goes up. This low price also only covers post-op visits for up to 3 months with no retreatments – should it be necessary, so lower prices usually means less overall care.

Follow-up visits are also recommended within two days after surgery. However, these cheaper alternatives may not provide this service without an additional fee.

Lastly, consultations are usually charged separately from the advertised price. So when you add in all of these factors, the price is not any “cheaper,” just the service you’re receiving. 

LASIK Financing

Cheaper alternatives to LASIK are not recommended. Another way of making LASIK affordable is to offer financing for LASIK with little to no interest through 3rd party finance companies who specialize in LASIK and other eye surgeries. 

Many LASIK surgery centers partner with these finance companies to help ease the cost of eye surgery. So ask about your options with LASIK financing during your consultation!

Unfortunately, health and vision insurance plans do not cover eye surgery because they deem it unnecessary and a cosmetic procedure. However, some large-level companies offer health plans that cover some of the cost of LASIK surgery. So ask your employer about what they can offer you.

Other Payment Options for LASIK

Did you know that there are ways to save for health emergencies and surgeries? Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts are two ways to use pre-tax earnings to pay for LASIK. 

These savings plans allow you to place tax-free money away in a secure account. An added benefit to an HSA is the ability to use unspent money in the future (rollovers are not provided with an FSA).  The only downside is that you must have a high-deductible health plan at work. Please consult your tax advisor to see if these strategies are appropriate for you.

Better Vision Is Possible

LASIK can be costly but can save you time, effort, and money in the long run. Think of it as an investment to help you function better now, and save money in the long run.

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